Thursday, 18 August 2016


When a pop up of this nature springs up, you don't decline the invitation, as the location alone is well worth travelling a long distance for.  Although slightly of the beaten track, the Atlantic Tintswalo Lodge graciously sits on the slopes of Chapmans Peak Drive, Hout Bay. The venue hosted a number of South African designers including two of my favourites, Anneen Henze and Tamara Cherie. Tamara renders fabulously classic garments in heavy tweeds and wool, whilst Anneen's collections lean more towards a more relaxed style with comfort as key. I was awestruck by the beauty of Coast & Koi's beautiful handcrafted pumps and shoes, each representing a work of art. Pop up stores are such a novel idea, and always attracts a lot of interest, especially when it's hosted by the likes of these noteworthy designers. The event kicked of at noon, allowing guests to languish in the beauty of Hout Bay, and perhaps having lunch on the deck overlooking Hout Bay.  If you needed rest, you could kick back your heels and  succumb to the skilled hands of the beautician performing skin analysis and threading of the eyebrows, leaving you all refreshed with eyebrows well defined,  framing your face. The rest speaks for itself. Immerse yourself into the beauty of these hand made slippers, fit for Cinderella. 

 Style with a view, Collection by Tamara Cherie.

 My kingdom for this cape by Anneen Henze

 Beauty products by Dr Hauschka

Anneen Henzecollection on Instagram


Thursday, 14 July 2016


Another rising star and South African designer to reckon with,is Tamara Cherie Dyson, a designer who received the accolades of Elle's rising star award 2015. Her designs personifies elegance, and portrays classic lines and designs, certainly of timeless value. Her collections are contemporary and understated yet profound. The fabric exudes luxury. She targets the luxury women's wear market, and aptly named her first collection "geometrics".
The looks are very polished, and represents something with a more lasting quality. I am delighted to share these pictures with you.



Thursday, 2 June 2016


When H&M sets out to do something great, they do so with conviction. Although perceived to be a supplier of fast fashion, and often criticized for this phenomenon that means literally changing the rails every other day, they commit to some serious causes when they decide to contribute to sustainable fashion.  Not only did they launch a unique program which allowed the consumer a discount for every bag of clothes brought into the store, but they also re-distributed or recycled these "trade ins", extending the life of clothes and reducing their carbon footprint at the same time. When sustainable fashion becomes the criteria it raises a brand's reputation and makes it all the more attractive to shop their conscious  and studio collections. Many veterans behind the high end fashion brands  frowned upon it when H & M entered the likes of Paris Fashion Week a few years ago, yet left them in awe with their striking collections. When considering the quality and sustainability of these particular and more upmarket lines, one can shop this brand without a guilty conscience as you will be shopping for a good cause and buy garments where value meets price. Their collaborations with well known brands are well received and if my ears are not misleading me, they will be  launching a collection by Kenzo soon....
I bought some  studio collection items abroad long before H & M came to South Africa, and can proudly say that they were made to last, of good quality fabric, and rather timeless. Lets take  a peek of what was displayed on the runway at Paris Fashion Week this year, with the entire studio collection due for worldwide launch in September! That pinstripe suit already has my name on it.....


Thursday, 19 May 2016


From a very early age, my maternal grandmother contributed towards my sense of style. I always admired her outfits, and stood in  awe in front of her closet which used to burst at the seems with fashionable and stylish clothes. There were numerous hats, gloves, fur capes, stoles, and accessories to fill an entire store.  Then  there were shoes, very many shoes, multiple pairs, neatly packed in a row allowing her to decide with one glance which pair to match to her carefully curated outfits. I was always romancing the idea of going to the races in one of her outfits, which in my mind was most befitting for the Met.  It represented a collection fit for any occasion. Yet she never made it to the races, but she new how to dress and invoke a measure of envy from her friends and grand daughter! Granny use to teach me what not to wear, and how to style it. 
Being taken shopping with her was an adventure, being lured into a world of magical dresses and beautiful fabric. The trend of wearing print on print was taboo, not to even mention wearing shoes lighter than the seem! The rule of matching was deeply instilled, until I became aware of the success of the trend. It's almost as if one rebels against it, by challenging convention. A need I seem to develop more often as I get older, or shall I say more mature?  
Need I say more about my combination of animal print and stripes? I had a little chuckle when I looked at myself in the mirror, imagining granny's faint shadow behind me, haunting me...... saying, what are you wearing my child?

Top and Pin stripe Palazzo - Belle Epoque
Shoes - Milano
Leather Moto - Thrifted
Silk Scarf - Como Silk
Specs - Miu Miu

Friday, 6 May 2016


My guest today is none other than stylist and blogger from  the "Klerekas" blog, soon entering the "blogasphere"!  Her style is fun, funky, fabulous, colourful and befitting for most body types. She knows how to accentuate good features, and how to emphasize your strengths. She is an ardent bag collector, and sports them with envy. I adore her ability to work accessories, and to combine things that create mood. Her enthusiasm for style and zest for life is expressed in this colourful outfit, perfect for a summer's day out shopping the V&A Cape Town. Do drop by her Instagram gallery for more style ideas. Karin's promotes the concept of not being afraid of colour. A lesson well taken.