Friday, 24 April 2015


Those of you familiar with online shopping must surely have a shortcut to the Spree website on your desktop by now, as it's just so exciting shopping online and having it delivered to your door. No import duties, no custom checks, no hidden costs from cross border orders......One might not experience the tactile feel of texture when you shop online, but it sure beats the inconvenience of having to squeeze into garments in more often than not, ill fitting changing rooms!
Spree has become a household name in South Africa with an ever increasing variety including some of our own designer brands like Habits, Gavin Rajah and a few others!

Thanks to Jenna MacArthur Public Relations, we were allowed a sneak preview of what winter holds in store...  The bottom line is, you need a blanket poncho, an oversized coat, a dash of Red and a welcome return of animal print in your winter staple collection. The puffer jacket is by far the most useful for casual styling and travelling. So get on with it, get to Spree...


Friday, 10 April 2015


With the official launch of Jackie Burger's Salon 58, which she refers to as "some place of magic", February being the month of love, can now officially also be called the month of style, with the emphasis on the return of the classics. The most impressive of the soiree, is that it was introduced with an assemblage of women who inspire, not only as career women, but as style icons, including Jena Dover, Anet Pienaar Vosloo and Pnina Fenster. The event introduced the new clothing label by Elaine du Plessis, "Drotsky", all modelled by these iconic women, and whose collection certainly brings back a certain charm of timeless garments.
Jackie certainly knows how to showcase art, with exhibits taking the form of installations in an unconventional display in the old classrooms,  and with real models representing real women, walking the unusual runway. Salon 58 is situated in a former girl's boarding school in Stellenbosch, with the atmosphere and ambience of each room exuding a distinct Parisian feel. One could almost envisage Coco Chanel, who Jackie has great admiration for, prancing down the stairs in her classic trimmed suits, challenging convention.
Indeed a venue where you would feel perfectly at home to linger, and who knows, maybe even kick of your shoes!
The PUCHULIK series of jewellery served as the perfect embellishment to compliment the beautiful attire that was showcased during the event. The next soiree takes place on Saturday the 18th  April 2015, and tickets may be bought online.

I sincerely hope that Jackie's new venture will inspire a return of the classic style and nostalgia of days gone by....To crown it all, guests were entertained with the melodious sounds of La Vie en Rose being sung by none other than Lindiwe Suttle. With a voice like a nightingale, she was complimented and accompanied by the accordion played by Stanislav Angelov.

Step up on style, and be one who inspires....



Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Time to get your pretty on again soon as Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion Week has been announced. Save the date for 30 July -1 August 2015 and prepare yourself for a wealth of designers taking part in this year's show. Fashion Weeks always offer a platform for creative dressing, so get the  creative juices flowing by start playing with your wardrobe. The simplest way of going about creative dressing is to watch attendees at European Fashion Weeks, with the option to wear things less conventional. A dash of vintage is always a great idea. I spotted a few trends in Europe recently, and since we are one season behind, there can be no doubt that we will be seeing a lot of over the knee boots, ( yes another season of those), coats draped over the shoulders, long and short layers worn together aka Margaret Zhang style, bold colours and dresses or skirts worn with pants editor style, ponchos and cape coats galore. Fur has been a firm favourite but since our temperature hardly permits a coat, there is little room for that. I always hope for really cold weather as I am keen on layering and bulking up on fur accessories ( you may fake the fur with faux...)
This year's event promises to deliver an impressive collection with AFI being the driving force in the discovery of new and  upcoming talent.  Watch this space for further news on the event. In the meanwhile, a few snippets from last year's event...


Tuesday, 31 March 2015


It's hard to imagine winter when flowers are still in bloom, and with the everlasting abundance of the Butterfly bush, one has permanent bliss in the garden. Not that I have any particular preference for warm weather as I have an inclination to rather invest in winter garments! I'd much rather snuggle up in boots and gloves and cover myself in a heavy wool coat than sport a summery dress, as winter outfits just exude so much more elegance. Besides, when the fleshy bits get  saggy and a little sun deprived, it's an easy way out! I sincerely welcome the cooler mornings and could not wait to take cover in my recently acquired moto jacket in the softest Napa leather. The fanciful print of my tunic is a delightful escape from my usual corporate attire which is required for work purposes. The shorter jacket and casual print on the tunic gives it a whimsical feel, a comfortable and casual look for running errands around town. 

Leather Jacket - Hema
Pants - Trenery
Shoes - Old
Bag - Michael Kors
Sunglasses - Miu Miu
Tunic - Boohoo

Thursday, 19 March 2015


Ever had an idea for an outfit and not finding it anywhere in store? That's when I resort to fabric stores, gathering bits and pieces of material to give birth to a new outfit. What if the fabric store does not have the fabric you have in mind? Then you resort to different options, be it upholstery or curtain  fabric, and in this case, scarves!
I stumbled across a beautiful silk scarf store in Siem Reap, Cambodia, a while ago and new instantly that it would make a fabulous blazer. I bought several of the same scarves to assemble a jacket. With the talent of my local seamstress and designer, two minds created this gorgeous number. It is essential to give a little structure to a blazer by having it lined. I also paid a brief visit to a craft market in Bangkok where local Thai crafts people exhibit their talent. It is here where my eye caught the attention of another scarf  - cum shawl, most suitable for matching pants. It drapes beautifully and is firm enough to hold it's shape. The only handicap is that you need a specialist dry cleaner when you have things of such fine fabric, cleaned. The soft and natural fibres of silk makes it ideal to construct into wearable garments, but do be mindful as it needs special methods of care in cleaning.  I'ts been a very eventful month with a great deal of exposure to fashion and beauty during fashion and hair shows, including  a show of the miraculous new product by TREsemme, controlling split ends, more of that to be shown later.
In the meanwhile, I'm gearing up for fall, gathering trends and ideas and toying with the concept of creative dressing...... so watch this space for the next outfit post soon!


Wednesday, 25 February 2015


You owe it to yourself to recharge your batteries by indulging in some serious me time. If you want a high return, you must invest well, and nothing works better at maintaining your investment than to book into a spa resort where you can load on vitamin D  to improve bone density, and feed the body and mind with nature's best in the form of herbal teas, yoga and raw food... The Kalima Resort and Spa is situated on a remote part about 20 minutes away from the hussle and bustle of Patong beach on the island of Phuket, and becoming an institutional escape for the annual ritual of spa breaks. It's spa offers all the usual creature comforts pampering you from head to toe! It provides a full service for body, mind and beauty. No shortage here of any kind of treatment or cure! After your treatment, take to the  pool deck which is like botox for the soul, allowing you to stare from the infinity pool into a state of meditation. I over indulged a little on the sanctity of the infinity pool causing serious sunburn on the shoulders. The best cure for sunburn is to invest in Thai cold pressed coconut oil, good enough to eat, and onto the next subject.... lunch.