Saturday, 12 April 2014


My very first recollection of having a love of shoes, was when I stood  in awe in front of my maternal grandmother's wardrobe, staring at her variety of shoes. I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty and hopped into a pair prancing around, telling my granny that one day when I'm big, I'm going to wear shoes just like that. Little did I know that whatever she wore at the time, would probably have been conceived as old fashioned or out of date the next year. I had no inkling to trends but just knew I wanted shoes like hers. Many years later, I looked at old photographs, and came across a pic with my grandmother wearing shoes just like these I am wearing today. No doubt, trends do have a cycle and every now and then the ones with classic lines, return to take you an a nostalgic journey. On line shopping has it's risks, and when I bought these, I initially ordered it in Suede as I have quite a soft spot for it's shear luxury. However, when they arrived, the store had sent me the wrong pair in patent leather. I was so smitten with them, that I downright decided to forgive them the overview as I was now going to finally fill granny's shoes! Do you sport your grandmother's style?

Coat - Belle Epoque
Pants - H & M
Shoes - All Black
Eifell Tower T - Robinson Department Store
Patent leather handbag - TomEva
Mirror Sunglasses - Ray Ban