Saturday, 12 April 2014


My very first recollection of having a love of shoes, was when I stood  in awe in front of my maternal grandmother's wardrobe, staring at her variety of shoes. I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty and hopped into a pair prancing around, telling my granny that one day when I'm big, I'm going to wear shoes just like that. Little did I know that whatever she wore at the time, would probably have been conceived as old fashioned or out of date the next year. I had no inkling to trends but just knew I wanted shoes like hers. Many years later, I looked at old photographs, and came across a pic with my grandmother wearing shoes just like these I am wearing today. No doubt, trends do have a cycle and every now and then the ones with classic lines, return to take you an a nostalgic journey. On line shopping has it's risks, and when I bought these, I initially ordered it in Suede as I have quite a soft spot for it's shear luxury. However, when they arrived, the store had sent me the wrong pair in patent leather. I was so smitten with them, that I downright decided to forgive them the overview as I was now going to finally fill granny's shoes! Do you sport your grandmother's style?

Coat - Belle Epoque
Pants - H & M
Shoes - All Black
Eifell Tower T - Robinson Department Store
Patent leather handbag - TomEva
Mirror Sunglasses - Ray Ban


  1. Looks amazing! Nice style! Keep posted!

  2. Great post...yes,you're right,Fashion & Art have a cycle ...Life is a cycle...they say niente di nuovo sotto il sole-Nihil sub Sole Novum !
    Stunning outfit of yours!
    happy week end

  3. Those are very cool-looking shoes, and yes they do have a bit of "nostalgic" styling. But the overall effect with the outfit is very modern. Nicely styled!

  4. Those are some great looking shoes! They add just the right flavor to your outfit. I remember looking at my Mom's shoes in the closet in the 1960's. Yes I'm sporting some of the same designs.

    blue hue wonderland

  5. Great looking shoes :) I relly like the outfit :) you look absolutely gorgeous .
    Hugs Beata

  6. Those shoes are GREAT. I love your entire look. So stylish!

  7. Absolutely wonderful.

  8. Certainly there has never been any style influence by my grandmothers or my mother at all... ;-)
    Your shoes match your look very well and I especially like your coat.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  9. Nicolene, I am so much in love with this look!!!!! And with your hair down like that. You look seductive, classy and chic. I am amaze of your sense of style and I just hope when I turn 50 I can be as fabulous as you are. The shoes are rad like my older son says when I wear edgy and cool stuff, I love the color and the design.
    My abuelita was very stylish, every lady at church used to gossip around about her creative and sometimes a tad daring style. She didn't have a huge closet, instead she had a small wardrobe (wooden with two mirrors) filled with beautiful clothes made by a dressmaker and a few pairs of Spanish made shoes. Whenever I see my wardrobe getting bigger, I think about her and how creative she was with very little, then I step back and reconsider ( cut back) my purchases again. Nicolene, That 's the way my maternal grandmother inspires me fashion wise. She grew up in a third world country where the economy situation is completely different than the one I have, so she pretty much was forced to be creative with the little she had. So, no excuses for to be stylish since I have a little more, right? See got me going here lol.


    1. Dear Carelia, thanks so much for sharing this lovely little story about your grandmother. They come from an era of which the nostalgia passed us by, so every now and then I look to her memory for inspiration.

  10. I never knew my grandmothers so I cannot answer this. I do like your shoes, but I am more of a straight pump girl. The jacket is lovely. I have to see whether that brand (Belle Epoque) is available here in The Netherlands. This is the second item I see you wearing that I would love to have.

    1. Thank you Greetje, I just noted your comment now, the brand is my own, produced on small scale and sold during Salon events to a small audience in South Africa!