Friday, 10 April 2015


With the official launch of Jackie Burger's Salon 58, which she refers to as "some place of magic", February being the month of love, can now officially also be called the month of style, with the emphasis on the return of the classics. The most impressive of the soiree, is that it was introduced with an assemblage of women who inspire, not only as career women, but as style icons, including Jena Dover, Anet Pienaar Vosloo and Pnina Fenster. The event introduced the new clothing label by Elaine du Plessis, "Drotsky", all modelled by these iconic women, and whose collection certainly brings back a certain charm of timeless garments.
Jackie certainly knows how to showcase art, with exhibits taking the form of installations in an unconventional display in the old classrooms,  and with real models representing real women, walking the unusual runway. Salon 58 is situated in a former girl's boarding school in Stellenbosch, with the atmosphere and ambience of each room exuding a distinct Parisian feel. One could almost envisage Coco Chanel, who Jackie has great admiration for, prancing down the stairs in her classic trimmed suits, challenging convention.
Indeed a venue where you would feel perfectly at home to linger, and who knows, maybe even kick of your shoes!
The PUCHULIK series of jewellery served as the perfect embellishment to compliment the beautiful attire that was showcased during the event. The next soiree takes place on Saturday the 18th  April 2015, and tickets may be bought online.

I sincerely hope that Jackie's new venture will inspire a return of the classic style and nostalgia of days gone by....To crown it all, guests were entertained with the melodious sounds of La Vie en Rose being sung by none other than Lindiwe Suttle. With a voice like a nightingale, she was complimented and accompanied by the accordion played by Stanislav Angelov.

Step up on style, and be one who inspires....




  1. So incredible, what beautiful women :) xx

  2. What a fabulous event and venue! I wish more designers and retailers would pick up on this "total environment" may be the way to go to keep people shopping in person.

  3. Amazing photograps!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Great event and cute pics! Kisses.