Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Cloaks, capes and coats, ideal gear for a Cape storm in Cape Town. The staple of a cold winter wardrobe, at Cape Town Fashion Week, and David Tlale's show. So what to wear when one of our most iconic designers hosts his show at an art gallery of note at 10h00 on a Saturday morning in windy Cape Town? I don't normally loose sleep over what to wear, but this one took some careful deliberation. A grand affair, but not to much swag, a morning event, not requiring much grandeur either. A little out of the box, but not to flashy. After all, one does not want to detract from the object of somebody else's show! So I opted for a monochrome look wearing a slim tapered down skirt, suede boots, with a boucle Cape for a dash of splendour sourced from an Eastern European clothing store, found during my many travels to strange cities. You will never be alone when you opt for monochrome. A safe choice I'd say. Complete Black ensembles are always a good option and the "go to" look as can be seen from the sparkling and charming Michelle Heslop from the Bromwell Boutique who sported a gorgeous Black coat and boots, and the charming Asanda Sizani, a doyenne of fashion and former editor for Elle South Africa who sported a beautiful traditional outfit in monochrome. No doubt the event was attended by all the fashion cognoscenti and trendiest from Cape Town, including the revered publishers of the uber chic and fabulous Opulent Living magazine team, Florian Gast and Barbara Lenhard, seen here with Vicky Pappadopoulos, who creates fairy tail journeys to bespoke travel destinations for Opulent Living Travel.


Monochrome Cape - Monton
Skirt - Trenery
Boots - Salvatore Ferragamo
Shoulder Bag - Burberry
Brooch - Chanel
Shades - Miu Miu

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