Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Those of you who support a good cause and who considers the ethics of fashion will be delighted to learn that South Africa has seen the light of a new fashion label with a conscience! The Bodhisattva label was launched at the Cape Town Design Indaba last weekend and is driven by the gorgeous and ambitious Yumnaa Firferey, a well known figure in the field of promoting fair trade and equity. Her range of clothing is  classic and depicts the essence of femininity with the use of luxurious silks and the finest Nappa leather, combining simple yet beautiful silhouettes. All her garments are beautifully balanced so as not to dominate, and with a business philosophy that promotes sustainability, I see a bright future in her new line.
Yumnaa focuses on transforming lives by allowing the women responsible for assembling these garments to work in an environment where their personal development is promoted and where the quality of their lives in general are improved, quite a load for an industry otherwise perceived to be focused on vanity and appearance alone. She sure makes an impression with her classic pieces all capable of being integrated into the capsule collection of items so useful to those who like to mix and match, getting optimum value out of clothes. I wish Yumnaa and her creative team best of luck and hope they grow from strength to strength. Read more about  the Bodhisattva label at



  1. I love the outfits especially the second photo. The white top is simple yet sophisticated at the same time. I do hope Bodhisattva continues to support its good cause for the women in its workforce.

    ~ Evelyn of AND

  2. Nice looks. Shame they are not available in Europe. I will pass it on to my friend in South Africa.

  3. Good luck to them! Very nice pieces.

  4. Preciosa colección, muy elegante y femenina. Besos

  5. Wow they have some stunning pieces! I'm really interested in ethical fashion, thank you for sharing with us!