Monday, 12 May 2014


The best invention ever (after Italian Gelata) was the all girly full skirt, and by creating a little playfulness and femininity, it's become my new best friend, embracing my curves and voluptuousness around the hips. I adore the endless extent of fabric wrapped around me, engulfing me with the luxury of silk fabric, and allowing it to be styled in a multitude of ways, it never bores. I showed you this skirt before, as worn in Milan during fashion week, and in another outfit where I featured it with a plain Black shirt and Black shoes for a more formal look, and now, the winter version, with suede boots and a coat to snug up against the Cape of storms.  Our winter may be mild, but remains unpredictable, much like a women during menopause...... her mood varies according to the hormonal fluctuation, and just when you think it safe out there, a gale force wind strikes, with rain that hits the soil at an angle you cannot take shelter against. She billows and blows, and sweeps your hair up in the air, she rustles your tail feathers, making you wish for big hair coming back into fashion again. When I posed for this post, the wind blew at about 60 km per hour, not allowing much preservation of my hairstyle! I was windswept and sucked up but fortunately for Photoshop, I could chop the odd strands standing on end. My passion for my full skirt prevailed, and stood the test of wind.......not exactly safe to wear in this weather....or should I just allow the wind perhaps to cause a little show of leg?

Coat - Precis
Skirt - Belle Epoque
Suede Boots - Salvatore Ferragamo
Turtle Neck - Primark
Handbag- Chanel 2.55
Sunglasses - Rayban


  1. This skirt is magical, I love it so. You look wonderful xx

  2. I remember your skirt when you wore it in a different season in Milan. So versatile and it looks great with boots too.
    Love your weather description ;-) I think ours is in menopause too!!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. Fabulous look dear!

  4. Goodmorning Nicolene,this's a breathtaking outfit that make shining your Powerfull,Superior Beauty-Silhouette!

  5. Wow! You have really good blog!
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  6. That skirt is stunning.

  7. What a beautiful skirt!!!! Nice with that pendant and the coat. Lovely combination.