Friday, 16 May 2014


Those of you who are familiar with the British designer, Marc Schwab, will know that he designs with the average women in mind, and not the rickety frame of catwalk models starved to dizzy heights. Whenever I walk into a store trying on something that features high on the trend list, it seams to be way to small or totally unbecoming for my body shape. The conclusion is that most of the trendy clothes promoted by high street stores, are in tiny sizes intended for skinny girls. Once the fashion world realizes that older girls, or shall I say, girls of a certain age, have the financial means to dress, or have the same needs to wear stylish clothes, they may come to the realization that there is a huge gap between petite and plus size women. Somewhere in between, lurks a fashion starved women stalking stores for in between sizes that do not date from Noahs ark or are reminiscent of charity finds and bargain stores. I find much delight in strolling through stores like Dorothy Perkins since they actually make clothes for real people, and not clothes horses. In the same breath, I welcome the trend of oversized coats as we girls who hover on the in between sizes, can actually sport a current trend without spending more energy than money on finding something fashionable. Trenery, Country Road, and recently added Witchery, all being Australian brands, are hugely popular here, and a pleasure to shop at as their size spectrum ranges from small to extra large, and when the say large, they mean large, not the Korean version of large which is more likely to fit a 16 year old.... I am by no means a small girl, and not exactly a plus size either, so I often turn to these Aussie brands for good, classy and timeless finds. This wrap around skirt was bought from Country Road a while ago but it's high quality fabric and cut makes it a classic item, updated with Witchery's over the knee suede boots, allowing the look more currency. My cape is a sale find, duly revived from 2012 when it was bought from Topshop's Oxford street flagship store. My ruffled blouse was the final addition to the Musketeer look.... 

Cape - Topshop
Skirt - Country Road
Over the Knee boots - Witchery
Ruffled blouse - Oasis
Sunglasses - Dior


  1. You look very elegant! Such a nice outfit.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Such a timeless, elegant look! I agree that clothing for women who are neither waifs nor Rubenesque are often hard to find. It's like designers get confounded by curves.

  3. Yes,you're right...I agree with your words.Your taste in wearing is so unique,fabolous...Artistic! this outfit is created like a work of make shines your innate superior classy,chic,elegance in wearing!

  4. I agree! The fashion world need to realised that everyday girls are not like the runway models.. I have finding something I like and not being able to fit into it! Anyway, I love the coat.. it is very body flattering. Definitely a keeper!

  5. Amazing look dear! Kisses.

  6. Classic elegance...fabulous!

  7. You're looking good ….. fashion needs a lot of thought when we get to a certain age and beyond. I think that the key is to find your own style and then you're half way there. I think that we can buy the odd thing from the ' younger ' high street shops ….. we just have to be very selective and must not drift back to buying things that we wore in our 20's !! BIG mistake …. huge !! You have obviously found your style and look modern, elegant and up-to-the-minute. XXXX