Saturday, 14 June 2014


Black has always been a colour of choice, not because it's prescribed for my professional attire, but simply because it has a lasting elegance leaving you feeling confident and ready to pursue any task, fit to conquer the world. I veered into some more adventurous combinations introducing Brown to my palette, another taboo that established itself in my new set of self imposed rules of do's and dont's. The combination needed something else to take it to the next level, and all of a sudden, this polka dot scarf fulfilled it's function adding a little spunk to an otherwise bland colour scheme. Don't be afraid of introducing something unexpected, more often than not, you will be delighted about the results of the experiment!

Coat - Zara
Clutch bag - Zara
Skirt - Country Road
Scarf - Laos 
Boots - Moda in Pelle
Necklace - Zuri
Gloves - Primark