Friday, 20 June 2014


Ecstatic, is how I would describe the feeling of slipping into the driving seat of the new C Class Mercedes Benz, a motor vehicle in a league of it's own. Perhaps not specifically designed with the women driver in mind, it certainly succeeded in building a motor vehicle that wraps around the female figure like a custom made dress. With it's ergonomic design and lumbar support, the seats engulf you with comfort.  It's captive and modern design is what caught my attention, and perhaps the final blow in coming to the decision to upgrade to this saloon. It's safety on the road speaks for itself, and once you have driven it around the bends, you will be sure about it's ability to hold to the road, in style off course!
As described by the brand, it sets itself apart from the predecessor. The aesthetics have been perfected with it's distinct curves and lines, and brings it much in line with the resolute design of the S-Class. The soft lines of the uncluttered rear   gives it somewhat of a feminine edge contributing towards it's appeal to female drivers. It's comfort and stability on the road cannot be expressed in words, and if you are fortunate enough  to indulge in a new set of wheels, I strongly recommend that you head  down to your local dealer and take this car for a test drive. It certainly knows how to hold her own........
The premium craftsmanship is evident from every angle, and repeated in the interior with it's sleek sporty finish, allowing you to enjoy your vehicle as an extension of your poise.......the all new C-Class. Glad to make your acquaintance.....
Why not arrive at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town starting on the 24th July 2014 in the all new C Class?




  1. This car would be wonderful to ride or drive in, so nice :) Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  2. Great car! Kisses.

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