Wednesday, 16 July 2014


I take today's inspiration for my choice of colour from a visit to Seville, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Orange. Although this coat borders on the periphery of Coral Red, I tend to think of it as Orange. I always associated the fruit with the city of Seville but had no idea that the oranges originating from there, are bitter and tart. I can however imagine the association  with delicious sweet Seville Orange Marmalade preserved in a sinfully sweet syrup eaten with goats milk cheese, followed by a chilled glass of Cava......
So when somebody brings you a basket of bitter Seville Oranges, make marmalade, they contain a higher level of pectin making them very suitable for this delicacy! No need to mention that the colour of my coat brings sweet memories to the taste buds...... and the closer I get to Cape Town Fashion week, the brighter my choice becomes. Mature skin takes kindly to bright colours, contrary to what our grandmothers may have told us. Besides, there is nothing more energizing than wearing a bright colour!
Meandering the cobbled squares and streets of Seville, I could not resist the urge to pick one of these seemingly sweet fruits, and  soon dispelled the perception  of it being sweet ..... I'm not so sure that stolen fruit are sweeter than others....

Coat - Studio W at Woolworths
Geometric Print Top - Woolworths
Pants - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Laura Aligiana Milano
Accessories - Zuri


  1. You look gorgeous, these are wonderful pictures xx

    1. Thanks dear, your comments are so much appreciated!

  2. Amazing coat and cute look! Kisses.

  3. The colour looks fab on you. I must admit that I am also going towards brighter colours as I get older.

  4. You wear everything well ... and the red does flatter! Very cool outfit, and I can tell you're gearing up for Fashion Week. Can't wait to see what you make of it!

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