Monday, 28 July 2014


One normally starts reporting about a show in sequence of events, but since this was such a highlight of the entire weekend during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town, I just had to start of with the Advanced Style event produced during Fashion Talks. Ari Seth Cohen is no stranger to any of  us girls having an interest in the concept of fashion for mature women. It's a subject neglected as the world perceives fashion as being reserved for young able bodied girls who seem to survive on starch banned diets and who barely fills a size zero. Real women have curves, grey hair, frown lines and buxom, and are confident enough  to display a type of cheek wearing things that are unconventional or thought of as being "to old". Ari's documentary premiered at the event, and  hosts an unusual, although stellar cast of mature women who are not  afraid to tackle life with both hands and embrace age and it's sagging bits like it's something to look forward to. I was completely glued to the screen and found a distinct message of courage and enthusiasm from each and every one of these actresses who are real life women dressing with such conviction and confidence that they make you look forward to retirement.....
The man who allows us to think of advanced style as a pleasant and exciting concept is none other than Ari Seth Cohen from the beautiful blog with the same  name. A panel of experts, all involved in the business of fashion, took part in a Q & A session after the show, and continued to motivate young and old with their inspirational responses. Next time I visit my colour technician it might just be to strip of the colour instead of a tint........ Looking at these women, I once again realised the importance of breaking the mould, reminding me to what extent challenging convention contributes to one's self worth and confidence. Let it loose girls.....
With Cape Town being the design capital of the world for 2014, I took to the African jungle for inspiration, hence my animal print and textures, finished off with an embellished crocodile bracelet.  After all, fashion week allows for some creative Ari takes to his grandmother for inspiration, my neck piece was recovered from my late granny's jewel box.
 With Jackie Burger, Editor of Elle, South Africa
With Ari Seth Cohen, director of Advanced Style Documentary and blog
The panel, Jackie Burger, Editor of Elle South Africa, and Sasha Muller, designer and entrepreneur.
Coat - Dan Millstein
Pants - Belle Epoque
Shoes - Valentino
Clutch - Jimmy Choo
Bracelet - Crystal Alligator by Buddabling
Top - Camaieu
Neck piece- Vintage