Friday, 1 August 2014


I knew instantly that when the email said "By Invitation Only" and the dress code being "Opulently Fashionable", that this was an occasion that required some mindful consideration to what to wear. As it coincided with fashion week, my coffers were already packed and ready to roll. The Opulent Living Magazine celebrated their Jubilee with a smashing event at the African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa in Century City, just outside Cape Town. The event was attended by a considerable number of elegant guests who all had the same thing in mind, opulent living.....

Our  hosts, Barbara and Florian made sure that the occasion was presented with uber chic flair and grandeur. The guests were lavishly entertained with the acrobatics of Zip Zap Circus artists who displayed their agility to the delight of many well heeled guests. The idea of opulence resonates very well with my idea of getting dressed for the cocktail hour, so I decided to wear my most comfortable colour for the occasion, Black. I gave it some spunk with Baroque printed stockings and added some glamour with Gold.

Style Night was hosted by Mercedes Benz and Opulent magazine, masterfully directed by Barbara Lenhard and Florian Gast. 

Well worth visiting: for a taste of the good life... who can get you there safely...

Opulent living, as they rightfully claim, the brand for the finer things in life.....

Photos 1,3,4,5, 6 & 7 courtesy Opulent Living Facebook Page


  1. You brilliantly met the theme of that night, Nicolene! Great event!

    Annette | Lady of Style

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  3. Wow, your choice of outfit was excellent! Your makeup is great. You look fabulous!!!

  4. You look amazing, so wonderful xx

  5. Hello,Ciao Nicolene...Great're an Artist of style and your outfit is a work of Art...Charming!

  6. Cute look and fantastic bag dear! Kisses.