Wednesday, 8 October 2014


The added advantage of clothing that does not represent fast fashion is that it can take you into the next season without looking dated. I knew that I would get optimum use out of this sale find at Reserved Clothing in Prague when I first laid eyes on this Chartreuse jacket, a colour that seems to return to the fashion scene regularly. I've styled this jacket in another post before, but remixed it today with snake print. The introduction of a third print on the shoes picks up on the snake print, working in harmony with each other. My best advice to anybody asking me about mixing print, is to ignore grandmother's advice and simply join different things in print that you would normally perceive as a mismatch. However, there are limits, like paisley and animal print which works about as good as Tom and Jerry in the same pen. Some prints worn together just don't get on.  Spots and stripes, plaid and polka dots, and animal print with stripes seem to fall into the category of workable mismatches. You can ad virtually any single colour to print, as it picks up on a pop of collar like an ice bear to snow. The best way to mix and mismatch is to display different prints on a flat surface and to then decide which is more in harmony with each other. The trained eye seldom misleads. Take your eyesight out exploring, and consider as many options as you can on Google images or street style blogs, and then decide what works and what doesn't. Nothing scientific about mismatching outfits, and no intellectual reasoning required.
Jacket - Reserved
Pants - Trenery
Pony Skin Shoes - Topshop, not from horse hair, but Cow hide with hair on!
Handbag - Louis Vuitton Alma bag
Belt - D & G,old


  1. I think this works perfectly for you! Great combo!

    Greetings from Prague!

  2. Great combination and cute shoess! Kisses.

  3. Fabulous mixing!! Everything works perfect and those pants are awesome!

  4. I love the cut of your trousers. They fit you to perfection. As if you were the fit model for the designer. This entire look speaks to me. I love the pattern mixing, but I adore this shade of jacket with the snake. Superbly done!

  5. Love patterns on the pants, such a great area to add details and a pop to the outfit
    xx, Jodi

  6. The trousers and shoes are marvellous and the added colour from the jacket is perfect. You look amazing doll xx

  7. Great combo, I love your style Nicolene!!!
    Happy friday doll!!!

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  8. Sooooooo chic and fabulous!!!