Monday, 1 December 2014


Dressing in between season remains a burning issue. It's neither hot nor cold, and in the Western Cape, the weather could easily change from spring to summer in one day! The ultimate item to sport when posed with this, is to have a light trench coat perhaps from Trenery or Country Road, or if you wish to splurge, the all time classic from Burberry. My favourite in between seasons item is a light blazer that can be layered and stripped away when the temperature rises. Not  having much rain at this time of the year, one need not pay to much attention to shoes as utility would not be the criteria. With a slight shoe fetish, I still find it hard to imagine having to decide on a pair of shoes having regard to weather!  Wellingtons might be fashionable, but  to a girl of certain age, they are hardly flattering! The concept of mixing different prints is still an exciting trend, and gives your look an edge! Experiment with the idea until you find something that works, some do, some don't!
Blazer- Studio W
Shoes - Wallis
Skirt- Studio W
Shirt- H&M
Clutch- Unbranded
Costume Jewellery - Zuri


  1. You look amazing, love the different fabric styles all mixed together, stunning!! Happy December doll xx

  2. I love your look B&W! Kisses.

  3. Well paired as always. I wonder how many pairs of shoes you have...

  4. You look fabulous. Very well thought out outfit.
    All I can say is that I envy you the weather. It's started freezing here. I just hate it.

  5. You are always so classy, I love your style girl!!!
    Happy december doll!!!

    Kisses, love Paola.


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