Monday, 26 January 2015


I'm not quite sure if it's been writers block that deterred me from posting outfits, or perhaps just the fact that I am not quite comfortable in my summer wardrobe after having indulged in all the sinful delicacies of slow cooked winter food during our recent holiday in Europe. Being quite a gourmand, I succumbed to the temptation of many different flavours during our travels, (and packed a few more than reasonable amount of carbs) hence my current abstinence from creative dressing. Lets face it, being a little slimmer makes dressing up so much more fun. In the meantime a full skirt tends to hide many faults, and does it seem to be the only item of clothing one can find shelter in when a little bulk accumulates around the hips. Spots and stripes would have evoked much criticism a few years ago, but has since become such a hot combination that I would grab any opportunity to mix the two. Slip your feet into a pair of two tone or colour blocked shoes and off you go. The Cobalt Blue is  a energising colour to ad to Black and White stripes. Now I just have to throw away the keys to the chocolate cabinet. 

Jacket - Hobbs
Skirt - Studio W
Shoes - Studio W
Tote - Michael Kors
Sunglasses - Dior