Friday, 9 January 2015


Street style always makes for interesting photo opportunities, hunting styles that are captive, giving you a firm idea how style is interpreted. My recent trip to Eastern Europe provided me with ample opportunity to snap a few winter outfits, but not quite full frontal as I have not yet developed the nerve to point my lens directly into an oncoming persons face and snap away. So I ventured to the rear end of winter style providing you with some interesting layered looks. Fur was high on the agenda, from full length coats to collars and cuffs. I suppose when you spend winters in sub zero temperatures, you rely on radical methods of keeping out the cold. The key to winter dressing in Europe or countries that experience snow fall and sub zero climates, is to layer. I learnt from the Norwegians that there is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing. Hence my decision to bulk up on layers starting with a thermal vest, then a turtle neck top, perhaps a lightweight quilted vest or jacket, skirt or pants, with the top layer being a wind and snow proof coat in leather, puffer or fur. Winter does however require a more creative challenge. I don't normally cuddle up to strange men, but when it's Santa, you're allowed to get a little closer. I may have been caught without make up but not without my layers of clothes underneath....Boots seems to have been the most favourite item around the Baltic.
Now feast your eyes on the rear end of winter style.

 I was wearing Ventiuno Fur trim Nappa Leather Coat
Trenery Skirt
Roma Boots
Daniel Hechter Vest
Queenspark Turtle Neck
Calzedonia Tights


  1. I love seeing how people in different parts of the world are dressing for any given season. I find it's often very hard to capture "moving targets" when shooting street style photos, but you've done an excellent job here! Lots of great style on display too.

    1. Thank you Susan, I must say it's great fun shooting people with a camera!

  2. I love your look and cute selection dear! Kisses.

  3. Good job! Any of these from Prague? I would guess the beautiful lady by the river...

  4. Haha! I like the saying - No bad weather, just poor clothing :) Thanks for sharing this post my dear!

  5. Oooh, now I'm missing Christmas Markets! Actually these shots are way better than frontal ones, they look so much more natural.

  6. Lovely stylish people, really wonderful :)) xx

  7. What lovely captures you got my dear! I know how much it takes to snap away at strangers. I am still regretting not doing so when I was in Europe … but thee are a few people whose style was so utterly amazing … they live on in my memory!

    Thank you for sharing the style you encountered!

  8. Wow! Such variety in outerwear. I particularly like all the different puffer jackets. Thanks!

  9. You do see much more fur here than you would in Vancouver. You've captured some great winter-wear - I especially love the low-heeled orange boots. I had a street style blog and usually people are friendly when you ask to take their photo, although I like candid shots the best and never had the courage to do them! These photos are alive.

  10. Cool street stile winter looks!!!!interesting pics!!!
    Happy friday doll!
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  11. Love fur coats. Look amazing all those outfits.
    Thank you for stopping by! I have new post up on my blog with all about my Christmas trip. Don't miss it!
    Have a great week dear!

  12. I'm already following you on Google+ :D
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