Sunday, 31 May 2015


The first winter rain announces new life, washes away the dirt and dust, and brings new opportunity  to layer and feel the tactile luxury of woollen fabrics. My weekend away required some skilful packing as the weather forecast was one of gloom. When the ocean along the Atlantic coast swells out to a huge wave and breaks over the coastal road, that's when you unpack the puffer coat. This is what I enjoy most about winter dressing, getting all snug in luscious wool and heavy drapes. Since our weekend mostly involved indoor activities  like movies, pampering, dining and shopping, I decided to opt for a skirt while roaming the V & A.  Puffer jackets are ideal when it rains as it's both water repellant and protects you against the harsh South Eastern wind, known as the Cape Doctor. When Table Mountain is covered in a blanket of hail out the puffer coat. 

Puffer coat - Queenspark
Skirt - Promod
Suede Boots - Zara
Location - Twelve Apostles Hotel