Saturday, 9 May 2015


Most people suffer dark mood changes when it suddenly gets cold and retreat into indoors activities. To me, the drop in temperatures announces the arrival of an exciting time to dress since one can indulge in the luxury of heavy fabric and texture. The Southern hemisphere not exactly warrants fur, but a little extra weight in fabric is required. Mid season always poses a few difficulties, and when in doubt, just layer in lighter fabric. I am welcoming winter with a bold flowery coat accessorised with bright colours, not normally associated with cold weather but then again, we do still experience balmy evenings and sunny days. What do you wear in mid season? Challenge convention and prance around fall in bright colours to perk you up.The one exciting thing to invest in is a multi colour tote!

Coat - D &G
Pants - Trenery
Shoes -  Dune
Tote - Fendi
Belt - Hermes