Friday, 9 November 2012


You can spend a small fortune on the beautiful Emilio Pucci jacket above, or recreate the look on a shoestring by simply paying a visit to your local haberdashery store, and with the velvet jacket below, spruce it up to a magnificent piece of art. Do so by buying some elaborate trimmings and braiding to give some glamour to a classic jacket, perhaps in velvet, or by simply buying a well styled jacket in a good quality fabric and then adding some new metal buttons and trimmings.  Then lay out the trimmings and braids seen below, on the jacket, and stitch it on by hand. Play around with your artistic ability, manoeuvre the braid around, add some extravagant buttons, layer the trim in rows around the cuffs and the collar to create some opulence and turn your otherwise plain jacket into a an enviable item!


Embellished jacket by Emilio Pucci, Plain Velvet jacket by Mango. Braiding and trimmings from