Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I take a lot of inspiration from street style photographers like Stockholm Streetstyle and The Sartorialist, especially around fashion week in Paris and Milan. As you may have noticed, I have a great affliction for french style of less is more. I often see women wearing things that correspond with items I may have in my wardrobe, which I would never have thought of wearing together, or in that particular style. It allows me to be more creative, causing me to digitise my wardrobe and mixing and matching things up, providing quick access to an otherwise overstocked wardrobe, and creating a medium to assemble outfits with a little more variety. I still try to maintain my own style, but like to glean from others, allowing me to do my own rendering as opposed to copying. Polka dots often crops up on street style, and so my spotted  re-invention took shape this year. This year, the spots contributed towards my own range of limited designs, Belle Epoque, as is seen below.
Obviously I was dressed for the office, hence the formal look......
Jacket Studio W at Woolworths, (buttons changed and trimmings added)
Top - Zara (old)
Bag-Unknown Store in Albufeira, Portugal
Scarf-J  Mico Sancho
Pants-Belle Epoque