Friday, 12 April 2013


Day to Night

Not having posted anything for a few days and being occupied with travelling in Europe, I am beginning to feel the symptoms of not visiting my favourite blogs. So I decided to just let you know that I am still here, although a little scarce! When a friend recently asked me how to style an outfit from day to night, and not having to much time to go shopping, I sent her straight to Zara, where all her shopping could be done under one roof, including accessories. This is what I proposed to her, a trendy yet classic look allowing her to move from the office into a cocktail party and evening office function.  By simply changing the top, shoes and bag, it takes the entire outfit to another level! This jacket has just hit our shelves- perhaps a little over exposed to those in other parts of the world where the summer season already sees another range of clothes, but down here it is very sought after, and very African! The entire ensemble was styled and sourced in Polyvore....