Friday, 5 April 2013


Today I am sporting a trend that I love, and violating everything our forefathers told us not to do, all in the name of style! I am combining spots, stripes, saddle stitching, two toned shoes and multicoloured bags and hounds tooth all at once! Hold on to your horses Grannies, this is the way we do it these days! If you are still in doubt about combining different prints, I sincerely hope this gives an idea of how much fun can be had, combining this print stew! You go girls, go on printing on print! This is certainly a style adventure that I propose honouring for long!


Jacket - The Noblewear Collection
Scarf - Colormix
Polka dot Knitwear top - Studio W
Shoes - Wallis
Bucket Tote - Polo Xchange Sportswear
Houndstooth Sunglasses - D & G
Pewter neckpiece - Siem Reap Market, Cambodia
Palm Print Pants - Country Road