Friday, 12 April 2013


Ever noticed how your mood influences your choice of colour, or are you unaware of the influence? Sometimes we consciously and intentionally choose to wear a particular colour with something specific in mind like going for an interview, having a meeting, or just going to the office. In my case, Black would be the obvious choice since I am required to wear specific colours to court in order to uphold the rules!  When you don't make a deliberate decision wearing a particular colour, it's likely that your mood had an influence on your sub conscious decision! They say Green reflects harmony, peace, environmental awareness and balance. Black allows for emotional safety, efficiency and glamour. The negative aspect of Black is oppression, coldness and heaviness. None of these aspects influenced my decision on a conscious level today, however, if  a therapist analysed it, I would probably be diagnosed as having chosen these colours because I feel safe and secure in Black, and I am at peace with my environment!
This beautiful Black trench from Zara is quilted in the inside, making it ideal for travelling and well suited to mid season, the collar and shoulders are beautifully embellished, and the fabric is light yet heavy enough to guard against the chilly wind. It's definitely a priority on the packing list, and ideal  for wearing in transit! Jacquard is one my favourite textiles, and the stores are bursting at it's seems with this glamorous fabric!

 Trench coat - Zara
Turtle Neck - Studio W
Jacquard Pants - Studio W
Boots - Topshop
Neck Piece - Thai Craft
Leopard Print Clutch - Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses - Prada