Friday, 14 February 2014


To all my lovely friends, happy Valentines day. Although some of us might think of it as a commercial gimmick ( especially having regard to the sudden surge in rose prices), it's still an opportunity to flirt with romance and to make your loved one feel special. If I could express my love for my darling husband in colour, it would be Red, not because it's the symbolic colour of St Valentines, but because it  exudes warmth, heat and endurance(and amongst other things stimulates the appetite), perhaps why so many of us think of chocolate as an appropriate gift, spurred on by the stimulating effects of Red. My Valentines wisdom is expressed in a number of photographs, each with a different meaning.
Picture 1 - accept your loved one with the unconditional love of a child;
Picture 2 - think of communication as a vehicle to convey mutual understanding;
Picture 3 - be forgiving, you're going to need some later;
Picture 4 - have an open door approach, keep an open mind, accessibility is important;
Picture 5 - keep it real, authentic and with the promise of ripe fruit;
Picture 6 - think of communication as being colourful, and always allow a little humour;
Picture 7 - have some fun, pedal a canoe, take a sleigh ride together or allow each other  
                  freedom to explore our own interests;
Picture 8 -  apply emotional intelligence, like Einstein would have;
Picture 9 -  be generous, like the fullness of a blossoming orchid;
          Now, enjoy my pictorial, a story told through my Canon lens, my greatest hobby,
          capturing moments during our travels. Enjoy St Valentines.....


  1. What beautiful pictures and thoughts. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Stunning photos and what a wonderful hobby to have! Sending wishes from Durban!

  3. Hi Nicolene

    I love this post and it just so happens that red is my most favourite colour.

    Hope you had a great 'love day'

    Simply Sassy
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