Thursday, 6 February 2014


With February being the hottest month one has to find shelter in light clothing that breaths and doesn't cling. I stumbled across this top that has two openings where the arms should be, leaving you quite confused where to place your limbs! However, it is quite versatile, with a zillion pleats allowing you to fold it over and over again, making it shorter as you go. The permanent pleats just simply drapes into a fold, making it rather fanciful and interesting. You could simply  slip into it as it is, and wear it as a dress, or keep on rolling it up into folds to wear it as a shorter top. Whatever way you choose, it just drapes into whatever shape you want and leaves plenty of room to move around. I can just imagine wearing it with a light oversized coat and high heels for a more sophisticated look. I'd call this top "fabric engineering".
Top - Island Girl
Pants - H & M
Shoes - Asos
Cuff - Chatuchak Weekend Market
Chunky Silver Ring - Issabellina
Sunglasses - Robinson Department Store
Leather  Tote - Italy, unknown store
Silver Neckpiece - Chiang Mai Silver