Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Meet my skirt, as it dominates the entire look, the fullness, the voluptuousness, and the volume, all making an entry long before you do. I so love the volume of full skirts enabling you to move about with the lightness of a feather, with the fabric gently sloping to the floor, and the bulk allowing you to hide all of what ever it is that you do not wish to flaunt. Some stylists consider full skirts as unflattering, I on the other hand think of them as something regal. It just about suits any body type, whether you are pear or apple shaped, and as long as you have a relatively containable midriff, the volume just detracts from anything else, leaving the focus on the skirt. It is very versatile, and looks just as good with a button up shirt, especially charming with a Neoprene top ending just on the waist. I'm sporting lace with it as I am smitten with it's femininity. Longer tops are not suited to full skirts, neither are long coats as it creates an illusion of excessive bulk that is otherwise avoided. The volume this skirt creates is flattering when worn with a top that ends where the skirt starts, and the skirt allows for different lengths, depending on your height. Being quite tall, I find the length to be perfect half way in between the knee and ankle, but if you are vertically challenged, I suggest you consider it just above or below the knee, creating height with shoes a little higher than kitten heels. Go on, try another style challenge out of your comfort zone, and share in your view of this awesome trend! The style is so reminiscent of vintage, hence the addition of my late grandmother's sunglasses circa 1961! The skirt is another reason to sport those  pretty shoes........ I've been waiting for the right skirt to unveil this pretty pair. No cobblestones where these step!

Skirt - Belle Epoque
Top - Platinum Fashion Mall
Shoes - Valentino
Sunglasses - Vintage
Neck Piece - Sass Diva