Monday, 6 May 2013


Having spent some time traversing the European continent for the last three weeks, I kept a keen eye on stores, street style and trends, and have no doubt that print will linger much longer than anticipated. My forecast is that digital print will enjoy particular popularity. I cannot imagine traveling and not visiting a dress fabric store, hence my delight to have found this beautiful piece of viscose at a fabric store in Vienna. It represents a beautiful combination of animal and exotic print all combined and gently fused into one magnificent piece of art! I adore the lightness of the viscose allowing it to be worn in between seasons. My imagination is already working overtime about what my small scale Bell Époque Factory will be creating with this lovely fabric.....the fabric store is situated in a well known shopping street in Vienna, as can be found on there website at

The neck piece from Zara was added just to exaggerate the exoticness of the print, and the leather bag very similar to a certain brand we are all familiar with, although unbranded it is very well made in the softest leather you can imagine, from an unknown store also in Vienna.