Friday, 10 May 2013


Window shopping  brings about a very sweet childhood memory, as I remember vividly how my mother and I would go into the city centre of Johannesburg in the hey days, shopping and walking past European stores, with exotic displays of fashionable clothes and luxury goods. Regretfully the face of the city has changed completely, representing a completely different experience. Visiting Europe is like a deja vu, reminding me of those earlier days, bringing about such joy being able to meander through the numerous arcades, stopping for a cuppa, taking advantage of mid season sales, and looking at shop windows. By just walking past these beautiful stores, you can already get an idea of what the season holds, and which trends are prominent, also luring you into it's interior, where window shopping becomes a reality, and where the meaning of excess luggage gets defined..... no need to say, a girl cannot travel without doing some shopping, and having stumbled across numerous mid season sales, well, do I need to say anything else? In conclusion, I've seen a lot of bright colours with Coral featuring most prominently this season, something to look forward to next spring only, if you live where I do!