Monday, 26 August 2013


The beauty of an event like Fashion Week, is that it poses a creative challenge, and allows you the opportunity to wear something perhaps a little more flamboyant than usual. One has to bear in mind that it is a creative platform, and being to "dressy" might render you looking like the mother of the bride, which is not exactly what I wanted to achieve. I have seen many artistic creations and a multitude of full skirts worn with jersey tops and loud shoes, with the bottoms making the  statement. The full skirt seemed to have stolen the show of the front row being a popular trend that attracted much attention. I gravitated towards the reliable Black ensemble since it was in the evening. However, I could have added more colour to break up the monotony of Black, or perhaps have worn more bold accessories, making the look more trendy. I decided not to veer away to far from my comfort zone, so I only added a geometric print top to break the "cocktail" appearance of the all Black ensemble. I added a pair of Gold tipped shoes to brighten up the look. The feathers was my own addition which I had carefully stitched onto the seams of the jacket, the latter being made of a very fine taffeta. In conclusion, I would say that you do not have to shy away from flamboyancy at Fashion Week, as it is mostly clashing colours and mixed prints that received the envy and turned the heads!

If I wasn't going the get "snapped by the paparazzi, at least I got noticed when my feathers started shedding, creating much laughter every time I left my seat!
Photograph-courtesy Roger February who represented

With the charming Dana,(left) a reporter from Nairobi wearing a full skirt from Kluk CGDT, and Juliana Roux,(middle) captured by
Jacket - Reserved Clothing
Bag - Chanel 2.55
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
Earrings & Spectacles - Vintage