Tuesday, 13 August 2013


It's hard to imagine that something so frivolous can take up so much time. When considering what to wear to an event like Fashion Week, the first thing that comes to mind is off course being fashionable, after all, it is Fashion Week!  Following this dictum blindly would however undermine my own principle to a large extent as I do not religiously follow suit.  I prefer to glean from fashion and only adopt trends that really suit my figure, rather enhancing features as opposed to concealing it. After having just about unpacked my entire wardrobe, I decided to take a cue from previous events by leaning towards something more flamboyant.  That lead me to the bright colour, matching gloves, a cap to perhaps preserve some composure in the South Eastern wind for which Cape Town is notorious, and  a pretty loud pair of lace stockings with high heels to elongate the legs. Since I needed  both hands free to photograph the shows, I decided to be practical and wear a cross body bag big enough for a purse and yes, the lipstick which I cannot survive without. All in the  name of vanity and looking trendy.....

Coat - Asos
Cross Body bag - Mulberry
Shoes - Topshop
Gloves - Firenze
Scarf - Moda Italia
Lace Tights - Bijenkorf