Tuesday, 7 January 2014


We're all familiar with grandma's advice that horizontal stripes make you look wider, however, with careful consideration to height, one get away with it sporting a look that breaks all rules of style. We should all venture outside our comfort zones from time to time  and challenge convention in order to develop our own personal signature look or create a new trend. Being of generous height, I don't follow convention when it comes to stripes, and decided to go a little bald by wearing it longer than usual. If you are vertically challenged or on the short side, it could still work if you change the length to just below or just above the knee, allowing us girls of a certain age to still expose a little flesh without looking like we are sporting our teenage daughter's skirts. The print on print trend is continued in this look, and with the Cerise Pink cuffs turned outside, the Polka dots adds a little playfulness to the outfit. How do you sport these trends?
Blazer - Studio W
Skirt - Belle Epoque
Shoes - Asos
Reversible Leather Handbag - Florence Street Market
Watch - Vintage Rolex
Neck Piece - Siem Reap Silver Market