Friday, 24 January 2014


Have you ever walked up to a stranger wearing something you like, and asked where she got it? I recently went on a street style hunt in Thailand and when I spotted these cute little lace shoes, fell instantly in love. Needless to say, the lady wearing them was only to happy to disclose it's origin. They are made by Tom's,  an organzation that supports a great cause, donating one pair of shoes to a disadvantaged child for every pair sold! I'ts like getting two for the price of one and giving them away with a smile on the face, bringing joy to somebody who may never even have had a pair of shoes of any kind. These particular ones are great for wearing with casual clothes and are wildly comfortable, so much so that I decided to buy a pair in two different colours. Imagine contributing towards something so sustainable and charitable, that you actually don't have to feel guilty shopping for more!