Wednesday, 29 January 2014


"Elegance can wield power, attract attention, sway emotions and fuel seduction" as quoted from December issue of The Magazine. It was never my intention to create a distance when I decided to uphold the legal profession's dress code by wearing corporate outfits, however, it was brought to my attention that the seriousness of my looks created a barrier causing some people to feel perhaps a little intimidated. That was when I decided that sporting the corporate look, should perhaps be "softened" to reduce it's wielding effect of power dressing. Working in a small town, it would appear as if the image of a corporate women is found overpowering, hence my decision to water it down slightly. I cannot completely veer away from the collared shirt and blazer, but do succeed in introducing an element of casual style to my daily look when I am not  attending tribunals or formal meetings. I decided to wear my plaid shirt in a sort of a casual way, still allowing it to be stepped up to a more serious look which can easily be created  by merely adding on a blazer kept on standby, in spite of combining it with jeans. To my mind, the heels take it to the level of a borderline outfit. It also lessens the effect if you ad a few pieces of funky jewellery, giving the look something of a playfulness.
 Jeans - Belle Epoque
Shirt - Custom tailored
Bracelet- Pink Pussy Accessories
Belt- Hermes
Shoes - Topshop
Sunglasses - Dior
Handbag - Prada