Sunday, 26 January 2014


My style motto is not to become a slave of trends, or to blindly follow fashion just for the sake of being noticed. Being aware of fashion allows you to glean and take from it to interpret it to make it your own style, creating a signature look. One thing we learn as we move on in life, is to let things work for us, hence my constant consideration of cost per wear. Some products just don't require any economical reasoning, like for instance the iconic 2.55  Chanel bag, which will last you a life time and probably be capable of being resold at a reasonable price. Then again there are some labels by department or chain clothing stores, that could give you an equal amount of value and allow you to be on trend without breaking the bank. One such store is Marks & Spencer where you get what you pay for. I was awestruck by the timeless and classic look book when I stumbled onto their website display of this season's pieces. Most of these items can be worn over and over again by mixing and matching it with current pieces, updating it from time to time by merely adding more recent accessories. Take a look at this awesome bad I have to travel abroad to shop with M&S.