Wednesday, 16 October 2013


One of the joys of being a women is  that we all relate to each and share each other's sentiments, learning to accept our changing bodies, declaring peace with crows feet and getting to grips with sagging body parts. The beauty lies in the fact that we are never alone, a comforting thought when trying to decide what to wear when the seasons change. How frivolous is that? Some women conveniently hide their lack of interest in grooming  behind the bold  statement  that looking good and taking care of your appearance, is unimportant.  Fortunately, the followers of that particular school of thought does not support or  write blogs on fashion and appearance. Like most things in life, the key to this is balance.
When concern for our appearance becomes an obsession, we are in dire need of therapy, not of the retail kind (although it brings relief for many other ailments). Since I am concerned about looking groomed and feeling comfortable at the same time, I choose to wear a trench coat to guard me against sudden changes in temperatures in mid season, allowing me to meet the dress code of my profession and to look fairly decent at the same time.  My vanity does however   sometimes take charge of me causing me to dance on the periphery of fretting, and when it prevails, I decide to perk up my look with a pair of dressy shoes. Ad  a dash of lipstick and a pair of heels, grab your trench coat, and you're ready to go. The trench coat has certainly become a staple item in my survival kit. The joys of being a women. 

Trench Coat - Trenery
Skirt - Daniel Hechter
Top - Thrifted at unknown store in Albureira
Shoes - Torrid, not Valentino's, not replicas, just Torrid
Leather Tote - Unbranded, sourced from unknown store in Como, Italy