Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Being able to laugh at ourselves is a virtue, and accepting our curves even more so. None of us are ever satisfied with our shape, no matter what you look like, pears want to be straight, the tall ones want to be short and so the list goes on...... Whatever shape and size you are, and if you cannot change it by following a balanced diet, embrace it and accept the curves or whatever it is that pains you, with open arms. The most effective way to do so is to accept that we have to adjust our personal dress style in accordance with our body types. Embracing a flaw doesn't mean you have to flaunt it, nor do you have to conceal it. We can however live with it by wearing cuts and styles that actually flatter our particular shapes. I've spent years trying to blow my hair straight and finally one day came to realise that no matter how hard I try, a shoulder length bob blown out straight would never work. The slightest bit of mist or fog, and my hair goes into a frenzy of  curls. I also tried wearing shift dresses but being pear shaped, it resembles the Westminster Abbey's bell in tights, with the emphasise on the widest part of my body. So I moved onto bell shaped skirts which does not conceal, nor emphasise the shape of my hips.  A pencil skirt however should not necessarily be avoided, and can the width of the hips easily be balanced with a jacket that has shoulder pads. Fortunately for fashion, one can now again find jackets with a little structure above, and if you find a good jacket without proper construction, one could easily fix that with ready made shoulder pads inserted by hand. The width of the jacket immediately distracts from the pear shaped hips and leads the eye to the shoulders. So come on girls, don't steer away from the pencil skirt if you are pear shaped, take advantage of the fact that bigger shoulders are back in vogue and slip into that little skirt! For the lucky ones who are lesser blessed with wide hips, don the shift dress with pizazz!
Jacket - Mart Visser
Skirt - Belle Epoque
Top - Primark
Shoes - Artigiana
Leather & Suede Tote - Unbranded
Sunglasses - Prada