Friday, 4 October 2013


I always perceived Grey to be reserved for accountants (no offence) and men who work in dark offices with no ventilation, rendering them rather oxygen deprived leaving them looking a little pale, but when I discovered this fabric, I new instantly that it had to be worn as a suit, giving new life to the colour and turning a fabric otherwise intended for curtaining, into a walking forest. I promptly ordered it and sent it to my brilliant designer who waved her magic wand, turning it into something custom made and exactly what I had in mind. The cut of the pants do however require it to be worn with a slight heel. When in doubt about how to style a look, I find taking photographs to be an instant analysis of how it appears and at the same time allowing you to evaluate what to wear with it. In this instance I should have worn at least a kitten heel to lift the length of the pants, giving it a more slender look. However, by the last day of Fashion Week my feet were in full protest and on a mission of it's own, no longer permitting me to wear anything else than Ballerina pumps. The colour of the print allows a multitude of colour options for accessories and under garments, and although I prefer to limit any look to two colours, the introduction of a third colour perhaps in the shoes, takes the look to another level. I styled it with candy stripes in the same shade, combining print on print again. How would you wear this print?


Ultra modern architecture, creatively juxtaposed against the old world charm of historical buildings in Milan, blending old and new harmoniously.

Suit - Belle Epoque
Shoes - Parfois
Handbag - Chanel 2.55
Candy striped shirt - Old