Monday, 21 October 2013


Imagine  a colour so vibrant that it stimulates your creative flair, adding a little flamboyancy to your looks, encouraging respect, promoting risk taking, aiding your ability to assimilate new ideas, providing you with physical energy, uplifting your mood in difficult times, and rejuvenating your general mental state. If this concept appeals to you, then introduce a little Orange in your kaleidoscope, helping you to be positive, spontaneous and radiating warmth.  All just in one small addition to your wardrobe and your ensemble takes you to new heights. The psychology of  colour should not be underestimated, and if you don't believe in the concept, try painting your kitchen in any shade of Red or Orange when on a diet. I am told that it is not conducive to dieting, since it stimulates the appetite, hence so many restaurants bearing Red walls. So girls, rather settle for an Orange pair of shoes or a new jacket in this awesome mood lifting colour. These photographs were taken during my recent visit to Milan Fashion Week, and the vibrancy of this well groomed women's jacket is what caught my eye, apart from the fact that she looks uber chic. If you are in doubt, try mixing and matching up the different shades of Orange with Black of Navy Blue for a breath of fresh air. She certainly lives up to the idea of owning the look!