Monday, 14 October 2013


How many of you ever give any thought to the idea that being a girl of a certain age, is hugely liberating in that it allows you to pull off outfits that you lacked confidence for when you were at a more tender age?
Isn't it comforting to know that having reached that stage in your life,  you can wear just about anything you like, even if nobody else likes it?
Wearing a skirt of this girth, I became funnily aware of the fact that when I was 21, I may have had the body, but at 51, I now have the confidence. I would have been acutely aware of stares and looks, to the extent where abandon would probably have been the only escape, yet I felt rather comfortable provoking looks and stares of me being engulfed in 2.8 metres of fabric, spurring me on to sway the hips, rocking the look, and quietly giggling at my own nerve to provoke,  whatever the response may be.
My skirt may have been conspicuously huge,  but I happily pranced along the cobbled streets sporting a skirt like a guild of liberation.  There is however, a word of warning, if you dress like a clown, don't be surprised if you are laughed at, and if you wear something this loud and expansive, be ready to receive some stares. Either they love or hate the look. My forecast is that big skirts are going to make a comeback next season, hugely so......
Fruit Printed Shirt - Old
Skirt - Belle Epoque
Shoes - Zara
Neck Piece - Zara