Tuesday, 25 June 2013


The vast land, and the bounty of Africa's animal kingdom, is part of my genetic composition. Hence my passion for animal print, allowing me to nurture the trend and simultaneously promoting the abundance of my homeland. The Zebra is probably one of the most beautiful animals in the wild, defending it's young with a kick that could leave even a lioness breathless. Yet it does not deter the lion from preying on the Zebra, with their young being a favourite meal to the king of the jungle. Their Black & White coats exude beauty, and they move with such elegance, no wonder the trend returns to the catwalk with such conviction. The print allows this blazer to by re-styled in so many ways, the next combination would probably include the introduction of a third colour, adding some spice to Africa!


Blazer - Belle Epoque
Pants - Country Road
Shoes - Next
Bag - Celine Boston Tote
Sunglasses - Bucharest Street Market find