Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Do you sometimes suffer wardrobe malfunction staring at an overloaded closet not being able to really see what's in store? If there is one thing that unites women, it's the concept of not having anything to wear in spite of a closet bursting at the seams.... Don't despair dear friends, there is hope at hand. One way of solving this problem is by having regular stock taking or wardrobe audits. The easiest way is to unpack everything, then group things by sorting into different lots like jackets together, informal wear, long sleeve tops, button ups etc. Now take your favorite item, perhaps starting with a blazer and display it on a hanger or flat surface. Compare and match various items with it until you find an ensemble that you have not worn together before. Now move on to bottoms and accessories and mix and match. If you have a separate clothes rail, you could assemble outfits like this for an entire week at a time, taking the hassle out of guesswork before work in the mornings. You could go one step further and take photos of your favorite ensembles allowing you instant access and creating a database from which to work, and of course you can use it as a reference. Have fun swopping items around and see how your wardrobe can work for you. I guarantee that you will be surprised at the volume of new outfits! Let me know how it worked for you!

The collage below is an example of where to start. I merely took a few Black and White items and rotated them around creating a multitude of outfits. What fun it is to digitize your wardrobe!