Friday, 21 June 2013


If you live in the Southern hemisphere, today sees the winter solstice, with the sun being at it's most Northern point in the sky. Technically, this is the middle of winter for us, and to optimists, the dawn of improving weather conditions! The reality is, that the Western Cape will most likely still see a lot of rain and wind before things warm up. This brings me to appropriate winter clothing. Travelling  Norway in search of the elusive Northern lights before, taught me that there was no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing, as canvassed by the locals in Lapland. They wear layers of clothing with thermal underwear and peel away the different items as they warm up during outdoor activities. The moral of the story is, if you are not correctly dressed, you will be cold, but if you consider the elements and not allow the harsh conditions of cold weather to dampen your spirit, you could happily frolic in the snow  without attracting frost bite! With that in mind, my husband and I set off last year on a snow safari, hunting for the Northern lights, wearing layers of clothes that protected us from the cold, and allowing us to linger around a fire at a Sami tent in anticipation of the Aurora flirting with us. Being dressed in Canada Goose snow proof clothes, and sub-zero boots protecting our feet, we could extend our time outdoors, awaiting the kaleidoscope of colour of the Aurora Borealis. She slowly made her entry, briefly blinked at us, and disappeared into the dark of night......The key to my survival in today's cold weather, was to heed to the advice of the snow people, hence the layering in my look today.



Coat - Zara (Old)
Skirt - Queenspark (Old)
Collar - Unknown
Cuff- Foschini's
Boots - Taft Shoes
Tights - Debenhams (Old)
Handbag- Prune
Red Snowproof jacket - Canada Goose