Saturday, 22 June 2013


The greatest fun about winter is that you could wear short skirts without having to concern yourself with pale legs due to lack of sunshine, by merely covering up in tights! The texture of winter fabric is just so soft and warm to the skin, and the tights ad a little quirkiness to an otherwise plain outfit. The concept of mixing trends continues in my outfit today as I have mixed different textures, prints and styles, creating a smorgasbord of trends. It also allows me to comply with dress requirements for the office, being slightly formal or corporate but not to intimidating. Short cropped jackets are just so versatile, and this one leans itself to being styled up or down, perhaps also with a longer shirt or top revealed under the jacket, but for now, I have styled it a little less casual. The Chanel type style and fabric works vey well combined with jeans, adding a little chic to an otherwise casual outfit. How would you wear this type of jacket for a casual look?

Jacket - TLD
Skirt - Country Road
Scarf - San Remo Street Market
Tights - Primark
Suede Wedge Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
Jewellery - Chanel Vintage, Nice, France Street Market