Monday, 29 July 2013


The moment I laid eyes on these precious beads and multi-coloured strands of neck pieces, I knew instantly that I needed some colour in my closet.  Not being much of a costume jewellery fan, I deprived myself of the joy of adding excitement to outfits before, sometimes in dire need of a lift. I was amazed to see how much time and effort goes into each piece, and couldn't find any two pieces exactly the same, making every jewel uniquely artistic. The creative mind behind the little gems,  is Marcelle Swanepoel, of Ephiphanie, who passionately produces every piece by hand, and if you do not find something to your liking, it can be custom made as I have done when I could not find a neck piece in gunmetal recently. Her designs have a distinct African influence with a little pizazz, almost subtly representing the variety of our rainbow nation. Some are more chunky and bold and need you only wear one such piece to make a statement. This is not a sponsored post, but since I've developed such a keen eye for bold pieces, I could not resist to pay her a visit with my camera in hand.