Friday, 5 July 2013


Some stylists believe in colour analysis to determine which suits you best, and some of us dance to our own tunes. Another stylist once told me that Rust was not my colour, and that I should not wear this shade close to my face. However, I decided to venture onto my own colour expedition by wearing exactly what I was told not to, and feeling great doing so!  Some outfits just allow you to exude confidence, and some, notwithstanding receiving many compliments, sometimes make you feel less confident. My style motto is to wear what suits your body and what makes you feel comfortable. There is nothing worse than watching women wearing something merely because it's trendy or fashionable, but lacking confidence!  Do any of you ever experience that? This time of the year, the vineyards in the wine lands turn reddish Brown, much like the jacket I am wearing, inspiring a new kaleidoscope of colours and winter shades, so why not take your cue from nature?

Photographs taken at the beautiful Lanzerac Hotel & Spa, Wine Estate outside Stellenbosch
Jacket - Belle Epoque
Pants  - C & A
Shoes - Woolworths
Handbag - Mango
Neck Piece - Honey
Bracelet - unknown