Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Can colour influence your mood, or does you mood influence your choice in colour? I'd say that mood is enhanced by sunshine, and that it has a subconscious influence on your choice of colour. No need to say, there was a slight hint of spring in the air this morning, and with the little promise of warmer days, my decision to wear something bright and luminous  was pretty easy. The Neon trend has come and gone, but every time I feel spring in my step, I gravitate towards something with a Citrus undertone, and like leopard print, this colour has firmly settled in my closet. So why not give the winter blues a lift by wearing something bright, or even when you feel a little less energetic, slip into something more colourful to experience nature's tonic! To stretch the brain power, wear it with geometric print!


Jacket - Camaieu
Pants - Studio W
Shoes - Tatazi
Top - Country Road
Ring - Ephypanie
Bag - Zara
Chanel Brooch - Vintage
Sunglasses - Ray Ban