Friday, 12 July 2013


Occasionally, we should change direction, do something out of the ordinary,  and wear something completely different from our signature style, allowing ourselves to experience the powerful effect of challenging convention. Whenever I wear an item made of upholstery material, I get the distinct feeling that I am being stared at, not because the textile is any different, but because the print is normally very loud and rather bold. Having received a number of compliments on my first project to design and have a blazer made from a piece of cloth more suitable to cover a lounge couch, I decided to experiment with this type of textile. Upholstery material that is not to thick, drapes beautifully and is ideally suited to a structured jacket or coat, and so this jacket was conceived, made from curtaining material. When you become open to change, you invent a new style. Had it not been for experiment and challenging convention,  the name Coco Chanel would probably have been unknown to us.......

Turtleneck Top - Primark
Pants - H & M
Shoes - Next
Blazer - Belle Epoque