Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I admire street style photographers for their upfront ability to either just take a picture without your consent, pointing their lenses right towards you,  or approaching people directly, asking their permission to do so. Either way, I feel a little arrogant and forward in doing so. My first attempt was however met with a particular weariness yet the two girls happily obliged to pose for me. My further attempts were limited to taking pictures from the rear,  perhaps to some of us not the most flattering part, but still enabling me to present a fairly good idea of the particular style, but without the presumptuousness that is required for a full frontal! Considering the fact that I will be scaling the streets of Milan soon, I am giving myself the opportunity to exercise my new activity, hoping to present a bumper post after Fashion Week in Cape Town and Milan! I was immediately drawn towards the Red worn on the streets of Vienna and Budapest. Next time, I will be in your face!