Friday, 15 November 2013


If deciding what to wear was my biggest stress, I'd be very cool, calm and collected. Compared to the effort required to perform my daily task at the office, the effort of dressing appropriately pales in comparison. However, deciding what to wear if you are required to attend a formal meeting at 8h00, a field inspection at 11h00 and a board meeting at 14h00, and then closing the day with another visit to rough terrain, you  have to do a little improvisation, especially having regard to the fact that you are required to move onto the next appointment virtually immediately after the other, leaving no time to slip into a change of clothes. I started off by slipping into a neat pair  of jeans with high heels, a crisp cotton shirt to balance the formality, jazzed up with a string of pearls, and a floral printed jacket which should give me enough confidence to assert myself during my first meeting where I am  required to address an audience. Wearing jeans and plain shoes with an informal top would not exactly have been appropriate, but considering the fact that the same group will be out and about doing a field inspection with me, it shouldn't take them by surprise that I am in jeans. As soon as we arrive at the location where we will be out in the open doing some navigation of rather rough terrain, I will remove the jacket, slap on a cotton hat with sunglasses, and put on a change of shoes where comfort takes preference. After that, I will put on a double breasted blazer in Navy Blue to match my heels turning the look into something  more formal for the next meeting which takes place indoors.
I will ruffle my tail feathers, put my hair up in a bun, all in a day's work.
How do you dress for a day requiring multi functional style?
 Jacket - Queenspark (Old)
Jeans - Belle Epoque
Shoes - Next
Sunglasses - Prada
Belt - Hermes