Friday, 29 November 2013


The revival of over sized coats and vintage styles is a gladsome sight as winter coats are normally made of higher quality fabric lasting you into a number of years. The only disadvantage being that I never had the strength of mind to see into the future when I was younger, and never considered keeping beautiful old style coats or storing them with care. One such piece was a Camel coloured coat with a fur collar that my late maternal grandmother wore with great elegance. After her demise, I wore it for a while, until moths manifested itself in my storage space, requiring the coat  to be discarded. With a lifetime of experience of making poor fashion decisions and purchases, I now think twice before I store things away for another season, and carefully pack woollen coats with the most environmentally friendly deterrent, being Sunlight soap, keeping the little creatures devouring your wool, at bay. I have selected a number of coats resembling a vintage style from my favourite on line store, Asos, all of them reminiscent of glory days when coats were over sized and made with fabric to last a lifetime. These few gems could become pieces that could last you a few seasons, making them worth their weight in Gold.
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